These days, science and technology affected to humans, life forms, space and deep sea etc. environment.

     There are beneficial inventions and discoveries, though we shall reflect on excessive fault of disregarding the residents and conducting technological developments such as destruction and pollution.

     From those kind of past mankind experiences, it is a common sense that it is hazardous by advancing technological developments with the judgement only by industrial people.

     Nowadays, robotics and artificial intelligence of IT device etc. is proceeding, and if those existences and things go out of control and made major accidents, it would extinct us, so we need endeavor and caution to prevent that.

     It is taking off of “Mura-Shakai” (the society isolation in Japan) and if the public persons need it, engineers need to talk each other and interact active with them and academic persons, in the added meaning of conducting technological development preventing destruction.

     So we made this group regarding it will benefit public persons and academic field persons making PE.Jp Group in OUJ to interact with them, to increase even one person to aim becoming PE member and to grow persons and engineer who has occupational ethics etc. and those becoming to pass the PE.Jp exam

OUJ Sky PE Group

President, Shinya TAKEUCHI