I’m Satoru Sato the President of OUJ PE Group. I graduated the undergraduate and graduate school of Tokyo Institute of Technology Civil Engineering Department.

I was in the marine civil engineering construction company for more than 10 years. Now I’m working in the construction consultant company. I got the PE.Jp license of Civil Engineering: Port, Harbor & Airport Engineering.

Around 2018, I got the opportunity of being a student of OUJ. I graduated the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Society and Industry Course on 2021 FY’s 2nd semester. Now I’m taking the course of graduate and undergraduate as a non-degree student. I’m planning to re-enter to the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Psychology and Education Course on 2023 FY and research for graduation on 2024 FY.

I recognize that it’s difficult to build careers for engineers getting jobs since this university has no engineering faculty. In that environment we need to think of what kind of things we can do to support others.

OUJ is selected as lifelong learning for many university graduates of others and PE.Jp. We can take course(s) from 1 subject so the fee can be discounted. If we wish, we can take the course of graduation research. And it is able to enter the OUJ graduate university.

I’m hoping for taking actions for valuable development of science and technology and nations’ economy growth which is on PE.Jp Law.


OUJ Sky PE Group

President Satoru SATO